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Acting Reel

Acting Reel - Comedic

Excerpts from "Full Tilt" -- comedic NYU Student film
"We Speak NYC" Ep. 202 (ESL instructional drama)
-- dir. George LaVoo
Doritos spec. commercial
Excerpts from "5:59:54" -- Independent "Mocumentary" film
Columbia U. MFA Film Festival Trailer

Acting Reel - Dramatic

Excerpts from "Pandora's Box", ep. 210 -- Detective
Excerpt from "Pros and Cons" -- Webseries
Excerpts from "#Actors Life" comedy sketch.
Excerpts from "Doctored" - Independent short film
Musical performance - "Vote For Me"
from "The Spicker Spin"
The Blue Die - Columbia U. MFA Short Film
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